Urinal Deo-Gard Disposable Floor Mat - Charcoal


Constructed with a heavier, high-friction, coefficient material, the mat actually grips to clean, dry floors, to reduce slipping and tripping. Designed to be used with all hanging single urinals. Impregnated with Mountain Air scent.  The hexagon designed grid creates a more effective means to direct liquids quickly into the absorbent core and allows the end-user to see when the mat has become soiled and in need of replacement. Polymers with increased flexibility conform to uneven floor surfaces and allow the soiled mat to easily be folded, rolled or even wadded up to fit in the receptacle for effortless disposal. Used under urinals the mat will neutralize odors by catching and quickly absorbing unwanted splashes and drips, protecting your floor from stain, discoloration and uric acid damage with a non-glued moisture barrier backing.
Charcoal, 6/cs